An overview of the program. A PDF version is also available for download here.

Program Overview

A detailed version of the program is available for download here.

Latest update @ November 6th/16:00

The duration of the oral presentations is 15 minutes, including 3 minutes for questions.

Sessions Topics

Session 1 Software
Session 2 Extreme environments
Session 3 Vehicles I
Session 4 Planning I
Session 5 Multi-vehicle
Session 6 Applications/Oceanography
Session 7 Vehicles II
Session 8 Localization/Navigation I
Session 9 Control
Session 10 Applications I
Session 11 Applications/Mapping
Session 12 Planning II
Session 13 Localization/Navigation II
Session 14 Application II


Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session I

A 30 year History of Research in Unmanned Systems

Prof. Anthony Healey , Naval Postgraduate School

Plenary Session II

Multi-platform Ocean Observation from Events to Climate: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Joaquín Tintoré , Socib