Student Poster Competition


"AUV system for data collection in the water column"


IEEE AUV2018 is hosting a Student Poster Competition for the conceptual design of an AUV system that addresses a major challenge in oceanographic field studies - data collection in the water column.

Current technological trends are expected to significantly impact future AUV designs, particularly for operations in the water column. These trends include miniaturization of sensors and computer systems, high energy density of power sources, and increased subsystem standardization and modularity. In turn, new designs will enable concepts of operation not yet imagined.

The IEEE AUV2018 Poster Competition encourages students to explore AUV design and create new technologies!


The main requirements for an AUV system designed for water column data collection are as follows:

  • Endurance: for over 9 hours;
  • Launch and recovery: from shore or from a ship (without the support of a workboat);
  • Data transfer: wireless;
  • Maximum time between deployments: 6 hours;
  • Motion patterns: profiling the water column between the surface and 100 meters along predefined paths;
  • Sensor payload: CTD, turbidity and fluorometer;
  • Command and control interface: cell-phone based;
  • Low cost.


Structure of the proposal

  1. Concept: Describe the concept of the AUV and explain its development background. What is to be accomplished by this AUV? How will this AUV enable what was not possible or insufficient with existing AUVs? Explain the unique and innovative features for this AUV;
  2. Design solution: Discuss the design solution tradeoffs and impacts, especially in what regards speed, power consumption, volume, weight and communications;
  3. Synthesis: Provide a description of the proposed solution including specifications such as weight, size, depth at which the AUV will withstand water pressure, battery capacity, etc;
  4. Schematics: Show schematics for the AUV and give a system breakdown of the structure of the AUV (main sub-systems and components);
  5. Cost: Explain the budget required to complete this project. The budget should include some breakdowns by cost elements;
  6. Schedule: Provide a timeline for development, including milestones.

Author Instructions

Students are asked to prepare a two page proposal and submit their proposed design here:

Proposals will be reviewed by the Student Competition Committee and the selected students will be invited to attend the conference to present their proposal in the form of a poster at the IEEE AUV conference in Porto.

Students of accepted proposals will also be expected to submit a paper for conference proceedings that will be distributed at the conference (max. 6 pages in the IEEE standard double-column format). Manuscripts must be submitted by the deadline for submission of all papers. For instruction on how to submit your paper, please go to "Paper Submission & Formats".

Presentation Format: Students are requested to prepare a poster for presentation at the conference and also to participate in the interactive poster discussion time.

Prizes and incentives

2018 IEEE OES AUV will provide a financial incentive, not exceeding 900€, in the form of travel support and registration discount for the students selected to present in the Student Poster Competition.

A prize will be awarded to the best Student Poster! The announcement will be made during the Symposium.